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What our clients are saying

  • Chad Hemmat
    Without a doubt the Interactive Digital Injury Summary Presentation was key to our getting a $1.6M verdict. I couldn't be happier as this was money well spent. Chad Hemmat, Esq, Anderson Hemmat, LLC, Denver, CO
  • Edwin Dunahoe
    I wanted to thank you for the great animations you did for us. We used them today in mediation and the case settled for $6 million. Great result, especially considering it was a slip-and-fall case. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Edwin Dunahoe, Esq., Dunahoe Law Firm, Natchitoches, LA
  • Brian Panish
    High Impact was an integral part of our record verdict in LA County for a below-the-knee-amputation. The animations, graphics, and medical illustrations made the over 20 procedures the plaintiff had to endure understandable. Brian Panish, Esq., Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, Los Angeles, CA
  • Olivier Taillieu
    One of the things that I really appreciate about High Impact is the team of people that they have working behind the scenes. It's not just illustrators, but it's people that understand the medical terminology. It's people who understand anatomy and how things actually work. People who understand post-op reports and can take those post-op reports and actually make graphics that are perfect. Olivier Taillieu, Esq. - The Dominguez Firm, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  • Will Adams
    I believe the jury was able to look at the visual presentation during closing as I went through the horrible things that happened to her, and they could see her pain, and her loss of mobility in one blink. It made it very real, very fast. Will Adams, Esq., Adams Law Firm, Katy, TX
  • Michael Cowen
    We used the visuals you did for us in the Maria Torres Martinez case at trial last week. The top offer was $125,000. The final verdict was $1,250,000. Nice ROI on what we paid High Impact. Michael Cowen, Esq., Cowen | Mask | Blanchard
  • Marc Harden
    The defendants denied that our client's injuries were significant, or that her fractures were displaced whatsoever. The defendants also claimed that one of the fractures was old, when it was clearly new and acute, as your images helped show. Marc Harden, Esq., Zaner Harden Law, Denver, CO
  • Deborah Chang
    Understanding each procedure was critical to our case — and nothing showed this better than the medical illustrations, diagrams, and animations that High Impact put together for us. Deborah Chang, Esq., Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, Los Angeles, CA
  • David S. Woodruff
    The professionals at High Impact are truly phenomenal. They understand complex medical issues and have a remarkable ability to capture those medical concepts in images that communicate clearly to juries. High Impact’s fantastic work, in this case, was instrumental in recovering this child nearly $8 million. David S. Woodruff, Esq., Denver Trial Lawyers, Denver, CO
  • Hans Poppe
    When we rolled the giant touchscreen with the 3D interactive heart into the courtroom, the defense lawyers immediately began objecting. As we argued the issue before the judge, two of the defendant cardiologists became mesmerized with the exhibit. So I walked the defendant cardiologists through the presentation and let them play with it, and then casually asked if they considered it a 'fair and accurate' representation. In front of the judge they both admitted it was, and accidentally sabotaged their lawyer’s own objections. Hans Poppe, Esq., The Poppe Law Firm, Louisville, KY