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What our clients are saying

  • Jim Puga
    The visuals were key to the win. We have an expert witness in this case who’s using some of the animations now to teach medical students because the concepts were so well presented and so clearly presented but so simply presented. So, the animations, in terms of the process, were absolutely critical to winning the case. Jim Puga, Esq. - Leventhal Puga, P.C., Denver, CO
  • Brian Panish
    High Impact was an integral part of our record verdict in LA County for a below-the-knee-amputation. The animations, graphics, and medical illustrations made the over 20 procedures the plaintiff had to endure understandable. Brian Panish, Esq., Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, Los Angeles, CA
  • Anthony J. LaDuca
    I really think the demonstrative presentation did the job. We really needed the CT to understand that although she continued to work full time she was in tremendous pain. The award was $3,963,292. Anthony J. LaDuca, Esq., Laduka Law Firm, Rochester, NY
  • Ronald E. Johnson
    The High Impact team worked closely with our accident reconstruction experts to make sure that our animation of the collision was entirely accurate. It was a key part of our presentation at mediation and after our second attempt at settlement the case settled for full value. The animation was a crucial part of our demonstration to the defense, and it added significant value to the settlement. Ronald E. Johnson, Jr., Esq. - Fort Wright, KY
  • Brad Cundiff
    When I focus-group my cases, the participants always talk about how helpful the exhibits are. Medical testimony is usually pretty dry and the illustrations are always what makes the doctors explanation understandable. Brad Cundiff, Esq., Coyne, Cundiff and Hillemann, PC, St. Louis, MO
  • Bryan Smith
    High Impact’s team of expert medical illustrators created stunning visuals to help me teach complex medical concepts to the jury. They pulled from their vast experience in other cases to help develop a strategy for presenting my case in a visually persuasive sequence that the jury was able to understand and use in the jury room. High Impact helped me tell my client’s story in a way that made a BIG difference. Bryan Smith, ESQ. - Morgan & Morgan
  • Deborah Chang
    Understanding each procedure was critical to our case — and nothing showed this better than the medical illustrations, diagrams, and animations that High Impact put together for us. Deborah Chang, Esq., Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, Los Angeles, CA
  • Edwin Dunahoe
    I wanted to thank you for the great animations you did for us. We used them today in mediation and the case settled for $6 million. Great result, especially considering it was a slip-and-fall case. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Edwin Dunahoe, Esq., Dunahoe Law Firm, Natchitoches, LA
  • Mike Arias
    High Impact gave me just what I needed to convince them that this case had such a huge damage potential that it was resolved short of any significant litigation. Mike Arias, Esq, Arias Sanguinetti Stahle & Torrijos, LLP, Los Angeles, CA
  • Cortney S. LeNeave
    We won a $12M jury verdict. The neurosurgeon testified live and went through each cut explaining the damaged areas and associated functions. It was a powerful presentation. I'm sure you're aware that attorneys can be demanding. Thanks to you and your staff for making changes and updates on short notice. We will be using High Impact in the future. Cortney S. LeNeave, Esq., Hunegs LeNeave & Kvas, P.C.,Wayzata, MN