Micah Kohne

CMO + Visual Litigation Strategist
Micah Kohne, CMO + Visual Litigation Strategist

Micah’s preferred form of expression is through his art, design skills, and innate sense of style. From a young age, he knew he would pursue a career in art and design. Micah’s desire to meld his perfectionist tendencies with his artistic flare led him to pursue a degree in Graphic Design from Indiana University and to utilize his skills and talents as a Designer and Art Director. When Micah first came to High Impact he was one of four employees. There were two salespeople, with Micah and one Medical Illustrator doing all the production for the company. From those humble beginnings, he has been instrumental in building the team to over 45 people, and now as our Chief Marketing Officer and a Visual Litigation Strategist, he relishes being the creative force behind High Impact’s imaging, branding, and marketing efforts, as well as, helping our clients to find the most compelling visual solutions.

When not introducing our latest and greatest products and services with panache, you may find him letting off steam shooting hoops, catching the latest Tarantino flick, or spending time with his family. An admitted music snob, Micah is inspired by alt rock bands Radiohead, Sigur Rós, and Interpol, and is completely flummoxed by our boss’ penchant for 80’s Hair Bands.

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