Core Team

Jodi Slade, MA, CMI

Director – Medical Animation
Jodi Slade

For Jodi, science, art, and teaching have always been one in the same. Maybe this belief stemmed from her passion for drawing the marine ecology of her home state of Florida, or maybe it was just one too many trips to Disney’s Epcot Center, but Jodi was using her drawings and sketches to communicate the wonders of life before she knew it was something she could actually do for a living.

It was at Florida State University that she learned medical animation was a career path—a path that brought her to earn her Masters of Art degree at the Johns Hopkins Department of Art as Applied to Medicine. Directing the talented medical animation team at High Impact has driven her to use that medical knowledge to fight for clients and patients with a mix of compassion and scientific integrity.

Outside of High Impact, she can be found hiking the many trails of Colorado with her (rambunctious) husband and (even more rambunctious) Siberian husky.

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