Elliot Thompson

Visual Litigation Strategist
Elliot Thompson, Visual Litigation Strategist

Having spent the last four years in the manufacturing sector serving as a Project Manager, Elliot was ready to step out of the box and explore the creative side of life. He found the folks at High Impact to be so energetic and creative (they have even encouraged him to try something other than jelly with his peanut butter), that he left the rolling hills of East Tennessee to embrace the rugged Rocky Mountains. A natural-born Tennessee Vol, he was forgiven by the boss for his defection to that other school with a similar shade of orange—that of the Clemson Tigers!—to pursue his B.S. in Graphic Communications. As a Production Coordinator, Elliot has a keen understanding of how to manage projects throughout their entire life cycle, while strengthening client relationships in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. He thoroughly loves being immersed in a team environment where individuals enjoy one another and flourish as a company, by providing clients with cutting-edge visual media solutions. When he is not streamlining processes, you will find Elliot traveling, hiking, camping, skiing, riding his bike, or simply enjoying another day on planet Earth in the Mile-High City.

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