Brian Evans

Director – Medical Illustration
Brian Evans, Director – Medical Illustration

Brian initially got an art degree but always had a strong interest in science. Discovering that there were academic programs that offered degrees in Medical Illustration was a game changer for him. Brian got an MS in Anatomy from Colorado State University and freelanced for the next 16 years. He has had the pleasure of illustrating textbooks (e.g. “Gray’s Anatomy,” “Shoulder Dystocia and Birth Injury”), magazine covers, patient education handouts and wall charts.

Brian now directs a team of outstanding colleagues (who really need no direction) in the Medical Illustration Dept. at High Impact, creating the incredible courtroom exhibits they are known for.

In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors and anything that let’s him work with his hands. Besides his two children, among the things he holds most dear is his pet Jackalope, who sometimes comes to the office with him. His team knows that if Jackalope is happy, Brian is happy.

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