Andy Greenhaw

Digital Strategist
Andy Greenhaw, Digital Strategist

Andy has always been passionate about expressing himself through creative writing, design and comedy. An example of all three colliding into one experience happened in high school when he helped launch a student council campaign to overthrow his high school’s student representation and replace it with a coalition of his friends. The campaign’s success led to Andy being appointed to Chairman of the Poster Committee, a great honor. Unfortunately, his early political career ended abruptly after a scandal involving a poster he created called “The Step-By-Step Guide to Sleeping in Class.”

Andy went on to pursue a dual degree in Journalism and Strategic Marketing from the University of Kansas, where he also worked as a Senior journalist. Following his passion for story, he transitioned into international broadcast for Al-Jazeera English where he also gained experience working on a documentary. Andy later pursued work utilizing his marketing degree when he blended his journalism skills with the emerging fields of digital marketing and social media.

While working for projects for the Air Force, Special Forces, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Defense University and Hillary Clinton, Andy’s muse became science. Merging his interest in video production with his extensive research skills, he created his own cartoon music video, featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson. The video went viral and led him to High Impact Creative’s doorstep. Andy now manages High Impact’s digital marketing efforts in litigation, aerospace, and science, and also serves on the communication board of the Colorado Space Business Roundtable.

When he isn’t developing digital strategies for High Impact and our clients, Andy can be found learning about science, snowboarding or contributing to the energy vibrations of Jayhawk Nation during NCAA March Madness to the rhythm of the mantra, “Rock chalk, Jayhawk.”

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