Forensic Animation

High Impact’s team of legal experts and award-winning artists deliver powerful forensic animations that have help attorneys win massive verdicts and settlements by accurately visualizing liability and damages. Our case studies below speak for themselves.


Why use animation to demonstrate an event? Animations demonstrate liability by showing that a collision was clearly avoidable. Jurors are more likely to sympathize with your client’s injuries when they see the defendant’s actions were blatantly negligent. Adjusting points of view allows jurors to evaluate a driver’s actions from multiple angles. The accuracy of our work is so precise, our animations have actually been used in deposition to prove experts wrong through indisputable science.

The HI team worked closely with our accident reconstruction experts to make sure that our animation of the collision was entirely accurate. It was a key part of our presentation at mediation and after our second attempt at settlement the case settled for full value. The animation was a crucial part of our demonstration to the defense, and it added significant value to the settlement.

Ronald E. Johnson, Jr., Esq. - Fort Wright, KY