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Why use animation in litigation? Animations demonstrate liability in motor vehicle accidents by showing how a collision was clearly avoidable. They help explain injuries and simplify complicated surgeries, compelling jurors to sympathize with the totality a victim’s experience. They clarify complex details involved in medical malpractice by showing exactly why actions were blatantly negligent. They emphasize defects in products to show a manufacturer’s indisputable liability. Read some of our success stories below, and request a quote to learn how we can help visualize your next case.

High Impact’s team of forensic experts, in-house physicians, and award-winning artists deliver powerful legal animations that have helped attorneys win massive verdicts and settlements showing liability and damages. Our case studies below speak for themselves.

Nick Maguire, Florida Visual Media Strategist

Nick Maguire is High Impact’s Florida-based Visual Media Strategist who brings an extensive background working in forensic analysis and expert witness consulting across the fields of personal injury, motor vehicle collisions, engineering, product liability, environmental remediation, and medical malpractice. He understands what details are most important to reinforce your case, and he will ensure your exhibits are accurate, compelling, and fully admissible.

Nick Maguire
We can build and customize your presentation for any case using a powerful arsenal of visuals to help your audience see and evaluate liability, comprehend the totality of damages, and remember the details most important to your case.
Nick Maguire, Florida Visual Media Consultant, High Impact
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