Florida Forensic Animations

High Impact’s team of legal experts and award-winning artists deliver powerful forensic animations that have helped attorneys win massive verdicts and settlements by accurately visualizing liability and damages.

Florida Forensic Animations

Why use animation to demonstrate an event? Animations demonstrate liability by showing that a collision was clearly avoidable. Accurately adjusting camera angles allows jurors to evaluate a driver’s actions from multiple perspectives. Jurors are more likely to sympathize with your client’s injuries when they see the defendant’s actions were blatantly negligent. The accuracy of our work is so precise, our animations have actually been used in deposition to prove experts wrong through indisputable science.


Nick Maguire, Florida Visual Media Consultant


Nick Maguire is High Impact's Florida-based Visual Media Consultant who brings an extensive background working in forensic analysis and expert witness consulting across the fields of engineering, architecture, product liability, environmental remediation, accident reconstruction, and personal injury. He understands what details are most important to reinforce your case, and he will ensure your exhibits are accurate, compelling, and fully admissible. 

Visualizing exactly what happened and showing alternative scenarios helps clarify actions and inactions as a defendant approaches a scene, and allows an audience to objectively evaluate decisions, and easily conclude liability.

Nick Maguire, Visual Media Consultant, High Impact 

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