The DigiStrip can be built and customized for any birth injury case.

The DigiStrip® is the most effective way to demonstrate negligence in birth injury cases in which fetal monitoring is a focal point of your case.

The only communication a baby has with the outside world from inside the mother’s womb is a heartbeat. Hospitals monitor this heartbeat, and the results are printed out on a physical strip of paper called a Fetal Monitoring Strip. The Digistrip® is a High Impact product we build and customize to present Fetal Monitoring Strips within a virtual workspace that gives you full interactive control over the timeline.

  • Scroll backward and forward in time.
  • Zoom in and out of vital points of interest.
  • Highlight a multitude of specific details using multi-colored highlighters.
  • Draw attention to critical points of contention using a set of drawing tools.
  • Annotate key concepts throughout the timeline using custom labels.
  • Bookmark important points in time you can skip to during your presentation.
  • Command complete control over the presentation of your evidence.

High Impact can build and customize your Digistrip for any presentation in which an infant’s fetal monitoring strip is a focal point in your case.

Larry Franklin
Without a doubt, the presentation you put together utilizing your DigiStrip® technology was a contributing factor in the jury's ability to both understand the evidence and ultimately render an overwhelming verdict in our favor. The result was a $27 million jury award, the highest amount ever awarded in Kentucky.
Larry Franklin, Esq. - Louisville, KY
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