3D Volumation®

Featured Exhibit: Volumated Skull Fractures with Severe Brain Injuries

3D Volumation® is High Impact’s own pioneered hybrid product combining the best of 3D volume averaging technology with the best interactive and linear animation technology.

Taken from an individual’s actual CT and/or MRI scans, there is not a more compelling or effective way to show orthopedic, facial and brain injuries in real life 3D.

Bachus & Schanker
Our firm was very interested in the prospect of utilizing computer technology as a tool both in trial and in settlement presentations, but with our limited knowledge in the technology arena, we were in need of serious help. Thankfully, we turned to High Impact. They were able to create effective and innovative graphics presentations that really brought our liability and damages theories to life.
Bachus & Schanker - Denver, CO
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