3D Scanning

3D Scanning at High Impact

From LiDAR scanning to panoramic High Dynamic Range Imagery, High Impact utilizes the latest in tools and techniques to acquire the most physically accurate representations when detail and accuracy are paramount. Our team of Forensic Certified Technicians has a diverse background in the vast technical areas of 3D Animation while also being experienced animators. Our experience and hands-on approach to collecting data allow us to have a unique perspective when selecting the right tools for the job. For both redundancy and quality, we scan each subject using a variety of methods and tools.

Guy Barbera
It was clear that the opposition’s animation lacked a scientific foundation and contained errors. The jury ultimately ruled in our client’s favor. In my opinion, this was due, in large part, to the superior quality and technical accuracy of the High Impact animation.
Guy Barbera, President, Jacobson Forensic Engineering
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