Who to Remember this Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, take a moment to remember why you have Monday day off in the first place. High Impact CEO Brice Karsh was in Germany when he saw it for himself.

His step-father, who was then the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, would regularly visit a hospital on a base in Landstuhl, where catastrophically injured troops were flown from Iraq and Afghanistan. Being no stranger to catastrophic injury with the nature of the business he worked in, Brice wanted to see for himself what true wounded warriors really looked like. What he saw changed his perspective forever.

“I met a lot of soldiers, and what blew my mind was not only the fact that some of these guys were so severely hurt, they might never live a normal life ever again - but all they cared about was getting back on the battlefield to help their brothers and sisters in combat,” Brice recounts. “We’re talking limbs blown off, and people who’d be paralyzed for life - and all they cared about was continuing the sacrifice they swore themselves to. Seeing that level of selflessness made me realize what true sacrifice really was.”

The story also inspired him and his family to support Operation Enduring Care, a USO initiative to create recovery programs for wounded warriors and their families.

Brice Karsh, CEO, High Impact
We all debate and complain about our rights, but regardless of political affiliation, it’s important to remember that the reason we're able to express these opinions to begin with is because of the brothers and sisters in uniform whose selfless bond protects our country’s freedom to complain. Whatever your political opinions are this Memorial Day, take a moment to think about why you’re able to express them in the first place.
Brice Karsh, CEO, High Impact
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