Pioneering the Future of Presentation with 3DI

3D Interactives (3DI) give users full control of their presentations, whether it’s demonstrating every angle of a gas plant explosion, showing a virtual tour of an industrial complex, breaking down the mechanics of a product, or exploring the anatomy of the human ear. High Impact’s 3DI technology allows you to present a true 3D representation of any object, product, structure, machine, building or environment that you can then control on a level only limited by your imagination.

Watch how a presenter can break down the mechanics of a differential gear in the 3DI example below.

​We customize every client’s presentation with unique tools, including but not limited to:

  • Visibility Controls allow you to move freely through your demonstration and toggle on-and-off various details, highlights and information.
  • Multiple Camera Angles can transport the audience to different areas and levels of depth throughout your 3D presentation.
  • Customizable Animations enable you to turn animations on and off throughout your 3D environment to highlight various scenarios, events, functions or features of a product.
  • Multimedia Libraries store all your visuals and enable you to pull up any video, illustration, image or other multimedia relevant to your presentation.
  • Unlimited Depth lets you package interactive presentations inside of interactive presentations, giving you the power go as in-depth into your presentation as you can imagine.

Below are a few cases that used our 3D Interactive presentations.

Gas Plant Explosion

This 3DI was used in litigation to recreate and demonstrate a gas plant explosion. We created an exact replica of the 3D environment, and then added customizable tools, camera angles and animations to highlight various details of the case.

Ear Anatomy

This medical 3DI was used to demonstrate the anatomy of the human ear. By turning the ear into a 3D interactive environment, we allow the user to move through its anatomy while turning labels on and off, pulling up detailed summaries and animating the ear’s functionalities.

Architectural Walk-Through

This 3DI gives users a virtual tour of an industrial complex. Multiple camera angles enable the user to essentially teleport to different areas of the complex, giving them a complete walkthrough experience. Custom tools also empower the presenter to demonstrate in-depth mechanics of certain structures, and highlight important details of the architecture.

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