Meet High Impact’s Bilingual Visual Media Consultant

Hola! My name is Breanna Bunnell and I'm proud to have recently joined High Impact as a Visual Media Consultant for the West Coast and Texas regions. Raised in California, educated in Texas, and fluent in Spanish with a Master’s in National Security:  I'm excited to work with you on your next big case


Breanna explains why her cultural background and strategic expertise will add enormous value to your next case.

At High Impact, my role is to help you create strategic pathways of communication. I work with a team of artists, engineers, and physicians to break down complicated terminology, scientific data, and legal jargon into understandable visuals.

Though our strategies typically involve simplifying complex physics and brain surgery, we also have to consider the culture of where visuals will be used. For example, a jury in a rural Oklahoma community might interpret a visual presentation differently than a jury from a minority community in East LA. Our team is constantly pursuing innovative ways to overcome communication barriers with a diverse array of audiences.

This pursuit translates to my personal life as well.

Breanna’s diverse journey has taken her through Southern California, Texas, and Argentina.

I have always had an interest in other cultures. Growing up in Southern California gave me the opportunity to be exposed to many of them, particularly the Hispanic community. When it came time to learn a foreign language in school, Spanish was the obvious choice. I continued learning Spanish throughout college and was lucky enough to go on several mission trips to Mexico and spend a semester abroad in Argentina where I gained fluency.

Breanna’s Spanish fluency stems from her experiences living in many different Hispanic communities.

Living in an environment where my first language was not spoken gave me a genuine appreciation for the struggles many people face when they are unable to effectively communicate with the people around them. It leaves you wondering if the person fully understood you or if you fully understood them and can trust what they are telling you, especially in the legal world.

Breanna’s Master’s Degree in National Security has trained her in the art of strategic analysis.

With Spanish-speakers being the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, many law firms have started making an effort to reach them. As a Visual Litigation Strategist, my goal is to make the development of visuals as streamlined as possible, and I'm excited to use my language skills to assist our clients in reaching Spanish-speaking communities.

I encourage you to send me an email to learn how I can help you on your next big case, and connect with me on Linkedin to stay in touch. If you live anywhere on the West Coast or in the Southwest, I'm also available to meet with you to strategize in-person.

High Impact’s team of medical experts, artists and developers can build and customize your digital presentation for any case involving personal injury, medical malpractice, birth trauma - or any subject involving complex information. Contact us here or call (800) 749 2184 to learn more.