Truck Hits Trailer Into Pedestrian

Reference: #FRN2278

A 16-year-old student standing at an intersection was preparing to cross the street on his way to school when a utility truck pulling a trailer disregarded a red light. The trailer was hit by a pickup truck making a left turn from the opposite direction, and the momentum spun the trailer on to the curb where it struck and killed the teenager.

A police officer sitting at a red light perpendicular to the collision testified that the truck struck the trailer at the moment the police officer’s light turned green. The Defendant driving the utility truck testified that his light was still yellow, and did not turn red until the Defendant was already halfway through the intersection.

Shannon Clark, Esq., Gallagher & Kennedy, tasked our forensic team with building a series of animations that would establish the Defendant’s liability in running the red light, and show how the Defendant’s argument for when his light turned red was mathematically impossible - based on police reports, on-site inspections, and Airbag Control Module data from the Defendant’s vehicle.

Ms. Clark settled the case for a successful, confidential amount. Read the entire case study.

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