Case Studies

Tanker T-Bones Truck Off Road in $20M Settlement

After a tanker truck smashed a pickup truck off the highway,  Clifford Law Offices needed to emphasize the magnitude of liability displayed by the trucker, as well as the damages he caused. Police reports and evidence at the scene showed that the trucker switched lanes in a No Passing Zone and broadsided the pickup as it was turning left. However, what the evidence didn't show was graphic realism that enabled people to evaluate these conclusions for themselves.

In clear liability cases, the best play by the defense is to admit liability and sweep as many damaging facts under the rug as possible. However, Robert A. Clifford and Bradley M. Cosgrove understood that showing people just how avoidable this disaster was would maximize confidence in conviction, and add value to the inevitable verdict. We also anchored the case with a Digital Injury Summary breaking down the numerous injuries their client suffered as a result.

After watching the defendant's 3D animated gross negligence, followed by a gruesome breakdown of resulting injuries - the defense decided that settling for $20M would be smarter than letting a jury anywhere near this visual presentation.

Collision Animations

These animations demonstrate liability from multiple angles, showing that the driver’s actions were obviously avoidable and clearly negligible. The sequence starts near the beginning of the No Passing Zone, while labeling the exact location of the “No Passing” sign. It then counts down the seconds until the defendant is observed entering into oncoming traffic, and crashing into the side of the pickup truck. The timer reaches 00:00 at the point of initial impact, and then begins to count upwards as the vehicles reach their final points of rest.


Digital Injury Summary

The victim was airlifted via helicopter to Good Samaritan Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery for so many traumatic injuries our artists needed to build a Digital Injury Summary (above) to display all the medical exhibits. Illustrated injuries included a wide range of fractures, lacerations, tears and a subdural hematoma with axonal shearing, as well as the numerous surgeries.


Digital Injury Summary

“It’s a very tragic incident that very easily could have been avoided if the driver of the tanker would have followed the rules of the road.”

- Bradley M. Cosgrove, ESQ.

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