Orchestrate Your Message with Maestro

Transform your presentation into an interactive experience that will capture the attention of your audience, inspire their engagement, and expand their understanding of your message.

What is Maestro?

The Maestro Interactive Touchscreen Presentation System blends user-friendly technology into an intuitive interface that empowers you to create, organize and dramatically deliver your message.

4 Gesture Controls give your fingers the power to move, resize, rotate, remove, navigate, and edit your visuals.
3 Presentation Modes allow you to customize your presentation to your audience, subject matter, and personal style.
Advanced Editing Tools enable you to highlight important details, insert annotations, draw quick illustrations, and label critical features.
Whiteboard Mode encourages powerful brainstorming sessions with an interactive virtual chalkboard.
Flexible Saving Options let you save at any point in the creation, organization or delivery of your presentation.

Why use Maestro?

High Impact’s team of visual strategists, artists and developers can build and customize your digital presentation for any case involving personal injury, medical malpractice, birth trauma - or any subject involving complex information.

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Interested in working with us?