Confidential Settlement: Worker Dragged Into Auger Blade, CSI Shows Facial Damage

Mike Stephenson, McNeely Stephenson, Shelbyville, IN

A city worker was loading salt into an auger conveyor when his sweatshirt got caught on an unguarded drive shaft, and he was thrown face-first into the side of the conveyor. The worker suffered an ear amputation, skull deformities, a broken arm, and a long list of facial fractures around his cheek, nose, and eye.

His surgical recovery would require an auto-graft from his thigh to be implanted onto the side of his head. A metal implant was caged around the patient’s orbital floor and a miniplate was screwed into his orbital rim to secure fractures around his left eye.

Mike Stephenson, Esq., needed to capture the totality of his client’s pain and suffering while anchoring his audience’s understanding of his disfigurement and surgical recovery. We equipped Mr. Stephenson with this Cinematic Summary of Injuries (CSI).

The Defense settled in mediation for a confidential amount.

Cinematic Summary of Injuries (CSI) Captures Catastrophic Head Injuries

Mike Stephenson, McNeely Stephenson, Shelbyville, IN
I have had the pleasure of working with High Impact for more than 15 years. I use them on all of my serious injury cases to significantly enhance the ability to educate the defense and, if necessary, the jury on the full nature and extent of the injuries suffered by my clients. In this case, the injury to the orbit of my client’s eye was not easily visualized on an MRI or CT, but was shown clearly through the 3D imaging from High Impact.
Mike Stephenson, McNeely Stephenson, Shelbyville, IN

When damages are catastrophic and numerous, the Cinematic Summary of Injuries is the most effective way to capture the totality of your client’s injuries in one compelling fly-through.

The CSI takes your audience on a continuous, three-dimensional fly-through of all your client’s fractures, dislocations, surgical hardware, skull fractures, soft tissue damage, and quite literally any personal injury. Using X-rays, CT-scans, and MRI’s, we can recreate a near-exact 3D replica of your client’s injury with the most realistic detail imaginable.

Here are some more examples of CSI animations used in litigation.

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