Confidential Settlement: Illustrating Pelvic Injuries After Truck Pinches Pedestrian Into Car

Joel DuBoff, Esq., DuBoff & Associates, Chartered, Silver Spring, MD

A pedestrian’s life was severely disrupted after a passing semi-truck pinned him into a car and slowly crushed his pelvic anatomy against the vehicle. His mid-section was squeezed with so much pressure, his body left damage on the car door and broke the window.

The Plaintiff suffered L5 bilateral transverse process fractures, bilateral pubic rami fractures, retroperitoneal hemorrhaging, and erectile dysfunction from an obstructed urethra. An orthopedic surgeon determined the pelvic fractures to be “non-operative” and recommended that he recover through physical therapy, incorporating “weight bearing as tolerated.” Suprapubic and foley catheters were inserted to drain the patient’s bladder and mid-section of blood.

Illustrated Injury Summary

The Defense severely underestimated the injuries suffered by the Plaintiff, offering a small compensation that would not come close to reimbursing the Plaintiff for his pain, suffering, and a lifetime of disrupted mobility. Joel DuBoff believed his client deserved much more, and he filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to bring the Defense closer to reality. He needed a powerful Medical Illustration that would capture the massive complexity of his client’s injuries with an unforgettable visual grounded in radiographic evidence.

Joel Duboff, Esq., DuBoff & Associates, Chartered, Silver Spring, MD
The impact of the injuries as described by High Impact and our Urologist and Orthopedist made all the difference.

After filing the Federal lawsuit, this illustration below helped Mr. DuBoff make the Defense understand the horrific reality of his client’s experience and continued suffering. It also helped Mr. DuBoff reach a settlement that was 30 times the Defense’s original offer.

Illustrated Injury Summary

The illustration focuses the viewer’s attention on the massive bleeding behind the peritoneum within the severely damaged pelvic region. The colorized CT scan in the top-left corner highlights bilateral L5 transverse process fractures. The illustration in the top-right shows the midline sacral fracture. The erectile dysfunction is illustrated in the bottom-left corner with the obstruction highlighted in red. And the colorized X-ray of the pelvis in the bottom-right corner grounds the pubic rami fractures with hard radiographic evidence.

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