Tripled Settlement Illustrating Spinal Hardware Defects

Michael J. Delay, Esq., Spokane, WA

Seven years after a woman underwent surgery to address a spinal injury from a vehicle collision, two metal screws broke in her back. The hardware would need to be removed, replaced, and expanded - but her insurance company refused to pay for a new surgery.

Attorney Michael J. Delay, Esq., needed to show why the insurance company was responsible for financing a new surgery by illustrating the progression of damages, and the procedure that would help her fully recover. We delivered:

  • Color Diagnostics showing the progression of the woman’s spine from her initial injury to the current hardware defect.
  • Surgery Illustration showing the necessary procedure for removing, replacing and expanding the spinal hardware up one more vertebrae.

The following exhibits helped triple the value of Delay’s undisclosed settlement, and afforded the plaintiff more than enough to pay for her her new surgery.

The exhibits used during deposition were a great asset. The treating doctor also liked the exhibits prepared in advance because they added focus, clarity, and a wow factor! Thank you very much for all of your hard work.
Michael J. Delay, Esq., Spokane, WA

Colorized Injury, Surgery, and Defect

This Color Diagnostic exhibit highlights three radiographic snapshots in time: the initial injury from 2008; the completed hardware after surgery in 2011; and the defective screws highlighted in red in 2014. Adding color and illustration to radiographic images adds familiar context and brutal realism to otherwise ambiguous black-and-white films. This Color Di helped anchor Delay’s argument for why the woman’s hardware defect was connected to her initial collision, and why she deserved a corrective surgery to fix the new issue.

Illustrated Corrective Surgery

Once Delay had established why his client’s insurance should cover her surgery, this exhibit was used to illustrate the fixation procedure she needed, which would replace the defective hardware, and expand it up to the L3 vertebrae. Surgery illustrations simplify and explain complex procedures, capture the totality of a patient’s experience, and anchor the audience’s understanding of the case with a strong visual they will remember.

Darlene Garber - Visual Media Strategist
Surgery illustrations simplify complicated surgical procedures, capture the totality of a victim’s experience, and show the implanted hardware victims will have to live with for the rest of their lives.


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