High Impact Wins AMI Awards for Virtual Reality, Digital Injury Summary, CSI, and Animation

2018 Association of Medical Illustrators

High Impact was recognized by the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) with four prestigious Salon awards. We won three Awards of Excellence in the categories of PRO Interactive Commerical, PRO Interactive Non-Commercial, and PRO Med-Legal; and we won the Awards of Merit in the category of PRO Animation Med-Legal.

  • Virtual Reality: Our VR exhibit received the Award of Excellence demonstrating how vision impairments destroyed a doctor’s career after a violent collision.
  • Digital Injury Summary: Our DIS exhibit received the Award of Excellence showing how a woman’s jaw was injured and repaired after a TV fell on her head.
  • Cinematic Summary of Injuries: Our CSI exhibit received the Award of Excellence capturing the journey of a bullet as it traveled through a man’s skull.
  • Medical Animation: An Animation we cannot yet publicize received the Award of Merit for an ongoing malpractice case.

You can view all these exhibits (except the Medical Animation) below.

The AMI Salon is an annual exhibition of medical art created and produced by members of the Association of Medical Illustrators displayed at the Annual AMI Meeting. It is an impressive showcase for the most recent achievements in medical visualization.

Virtual Reality Demonstrates Doctor’s Vision Impairments

After a young man was hit by a car while driving, his vision was severely disrupted for life. We built this Virtual Reality exhibit to help the Defense understand the impact these vision impairments would have on his career.

Virtual Reality Shows How Vision Impairments Impact Doctor’s Career

The exhibit places users in a doctor’s office where they can interact with various objects, including a clipboard and scalpel. By toggling the vision impairments off and on, the user can experience what it’s like to try to read the clipboard and try to use the scalpel on a mannequin head to cut a straight line. The purpose of the demonstration was to allow Defendants to experience the new challenges this man will face in his career and life.

Digital Injury Summary Conveys Damage to Jaw

After a television fell off a store shelf and crushed a woman’s head, she suffered massive injuries to her jaw, spine, and preexisting TMJ injury. We built this Digital Injury Summary to help Stephen Wahlberg convey the victim’s pain, suffering, and ongoing recovery. The presentation helped Mr. Wahlberg return an $850M settlement for his client.

Digital Injury Summary Conveys Fractures After TV Falls on Head

The first section illustrates the patient’s head injuries before the injury, after the injury, and after she underwent a Cochlear implant on both sides of her jaw. The second section grounds these visuals with radiographic evidence. The third section hammers home the many Pain Management Procedures the patient would undergo for years. The final section demonstrates the surgeries the patient would undergo to have a prosthetic implanted into both sides of her jaw.

Read the entire case study.

CSI Captures Bullet Traveling Through Skull

This Cinematic Summary of Injuries (CSI) exhibit shows the destruction caused by a bullet that was shot into a man’s skull. The man now has to live the rest of his life with inoperable bullet fragments and the loss of an eye. We cinematically reconstructed the path of the bullet as it destroyed anatomical structures of his face, fragmented, and became lodged in his cheek.

Animated Cinematic Summary of Injuries Captures Fatal Gunshot Wound

When damages are catastrophic and numerous, the Cinematic Summary of Injuries is the most effective way to capture the totality of your client’s injuries in one compelling fly-through. The CSI takes your audience on a continuous, three-dimensional fly-through of all your client’s fractures, dislocations, surgical hardware, skull fractures, soft tissue damage, and quite literally any personal injury. Using X-rays, CT-scans, and MRI’s, we can recreate a near-exact 3D replica of your client’s injury with the most realistic detail imaginable.

High Impact’s team of visual strategists, artists and developers can build and customize your digital presentation for any case involving personal injury, medical malpractice, birth trauma - or any subject involving complex information.

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