$850K Settlement Demonstrating Jaw Damage After TV Crushes Head

Stephen Wahlberg, Esq., and Tom Tasker, Esq., Denver Trial Lawyers, Denver, CO

After a television fell off a store shelf and crushed a woman’s head, she suffered massive injuries to her jaw, spine, and preexisting TMJ injury.

When injuries are massive and numerous, the Digital Injury Summary is the most effective way to capture your client’s pain, suffering, and ongoing recovery. Stephen Wahlberg needed a Digital Injury Summary equipped with visuals that would achieve the following objectives:

  • Illustrate the patient’s head injuries before the injury, after the injury, and after she underwent a Cochlear implant on both sides of her jaw.
  • Ground these visuals with radiographic evidence.
  • Hammer home the many Pain Management Procedures the patient would undergo for years.
  • Demonstrate the surgeries the patient would undergo to have a prosthetic implanted into both sides of her jaw.

The following Digital Injury Summary helped Stephen Wahlberg and Tom Tasker return an $850K settlement for their client.

Digital Injury Summary captures catastrophic injuries.

Section 1: Illustrating 360 Jaw Injuries

This first section illustrates the anatomy of the patient’s head before, during, and after the injury. We present each chapter as a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree model that users can spin around like a turntable. You can also uncover different layers of the anatomy by dragging them up from the bottom of the page.

360 illustrations anchor audience’s understanding of damages with in-depth detail.

As you progress through each chapter of the patient’s experience, you can see how this preexisting condition was aggravated by the new injury. As you peel back layers, you’re also able to explore the relationship between the TMJ, irritated facial nerves, and the surgical hardware that was installed throughout the jaw.

Section 2: Grounding Visuals with Evidence

After being introduced to the patient’s condition over time, the Films section grounds these visuals with radiographic evidence. X-ray Films highlight the patient’s jaw both before and after surgery (pause), and an M-R-I introduces viewers to the patient’s spine injury.

Colorized X-rays and an MRI reinforce the presentation with grounded evidence.

Color Diagnostics® add colorful realism to otherwise black-and-white radiographic films, which helps your audience better understand your client’s pain and suffering.

Section 3: Hammering Home Pain Management

After establishing the patient’s damages, the next section walks you through the many Pain Management Procedures she would need. Each procedure is broken down into a list of chapters that document every step of the process.

Repetition drives home the brutal reality of this experience.

As you look through these animations, you’ll notice that this section is extremely repetitive. This is for a very strategic reason. Pain management may sound mundane, but seeing how many times this person endured steroid injections all over her face and spine, adds powerful context.

Section 4: Showing Surgical Recovery

This section walks you through the surgeries the patient would need as a result of her injuries. As you can see, each surgery is organized into chapters that break down every step of each process. This gives the presenter more freedom to jump around and go back to clarify certain details as needed.

Animations break down the many surgical procedures.

The Digital Injury Summary can be built and customized for any case involving catastrophic injury. In this case, it helped the victim obtain an $850K settlement to compensate her for her pain, suffering, and ongoing recovery. Visit High Impact dot com to learn more.

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