$7.3M Settlement: Animated Drowsy Driving Collision

Ronald E. Johnson, Jr., Esq., Schachter, Hendy & Johnson, Fort Wright, KY

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that drowsy driving was responsible for 72,000 crashes, 44,000 injuries, and 800 deaths in 2013.

We animated one of these cases after a driver fell asleep at freeway speeds and crashed into the back of a minivan in stopped traffic with a child in the backseat. Ronald E. Johnson, Jr., Esq., needed animations to accomplish the following visual objectives:

  • Demonstrate how much time the driver had to avoid the collision.
  • Evaluate the driver’s actions as he approached the point of impact.
  • Show the mechanism of the injury that resulted in the young victim’s death.

The animation helped Mr. Johnson persuade the Defense to settle for $7.3M.

Watch Full Collision Animation

Ronald E. Johnson, Jr., Esq. - Fort Wright, KY
The High Impact team worked closely with our accident reconstruction experts to make sure that our animation of the collision was entirely accurate. It was a key part of our presentation at mediation and after our second attempt at settlement the case settled for full value. The animation was a crucial part of our demonstration to the defense, and it added significant value to the settlement.

Demonstrating the Reaction Time

The animation opens with a plan-view of the two-mile stretch of highway to frame the amount of space between the driver and the stopped minivan. We added a timer to show the amount of time the driver had to react.

The opening establishes the amount of space and time before impact.

Once the space and time have been established, we animate the driver’s actions during that space and time based on police reports, eye-witness accounts and a reconstruction expert.

Evaluating the Driver’s Actions

The driver was seen traveling westward in the southbound lane of I-265. Witnesses testified that it negotiated a right turn, while maintaining its high speed heading toward the point of impact.

Animation enables viewers to objectively observe negligence.

Near the impact, we zoom into a camera angle from the driver’s vertical eye-height. We then cut to two other camera angles - one from behind the driver, and finally one from the perspective of the truck driver in the right lane - establishing every witness’s perspective. At impact, we count the seconds from the collision until the vehicles meet their points of rest - to emphasize the violent power of the sudden impact.

Animating Mechanism of Injury

After establishing the driver’s actions, we cut to a camera angle facing the young girl in the back seat, as the defendant rapidly closes in.

We collaborated with experts to accurately show mechanism of injury.

As the vehicles collide, the post-impact deformation of the caravan’s roof is seen coming into contact with the young girl’s head - depicting the sudden violent forces involved in the collision. We then zoom into the impact point, and fade in to reveal the depressed comminuted left parietal skull fracture, which resulted in the young victim’s death.

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