$4.7M Settlement: Animated Collision Magnifies Pedestrian’s Pelvic Destruction

John Hill, Esq., Law Offices of John E. Hill, Oakland, CA

After a security guard “dozed off” while driving through a parking garage, he collided with the back of a parked truck where a father was waking up his daughter in the backseat. The force from the impact pushed the back of the truck into another parked vehicle, violently pinning the father between the two vehicles and severely damaging his pelvic anatomy.

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The security guard woke up and stepped out of his vehicle to see the screaming victim trapped within the carnage he had caused. A bystander got into the security guard’s vehicle and reversed it in an attempt to free the father but he remained stuck. A second witness entered the vehicle the Plaintiff was pinned up against, moved it forward, and the victim fell to the ground in agonizing pain as his daughter witnessed the entire event from the backseat of his truck.

The Plaintiff suffered catastrophic fractures throughout his pelvic ring, severe disruption to his urethra, ruptures to his bladder, painful edemas and abrasions throughout his suprapubic area, and lacerations with bleeding around his right thigh.

John Hill, Esq., needed to emphasize the egregious level of reckless conduct exhibited by the security guard in causing this collision, and he needed to summarize the brutal pelvic injuries the Plaintiff suffered as a result of this gross negligence. We delivered a hybrid animation that included:

  1. Forensic Animation to accurately reconstruct the collision and establish gross negligence on behalf of the Defendant.
  2. Animated Moment in Time to show the initial injuries the Plaintiff suffered after he was crushed between the two vehicles.
  3. Cinematic Summary of Injuries (CSI) to break down each of these injuries in three-dimensional detail.

The animation helped Mr. Hill establish liability on behalf of the Defendant while demonstrating the catastrophic damage this collision caused to the Plaintiff. The Defense settled for $4.7M.

Part 1: Recreating the Collision

The animation opens with an aerial perspective of the Plaintiff near the rear of his truck as he’s waking up his daughter in the backseat. Both characters are highlighted and labeled to anchor the understanding that this young girl was about to witness a traumatizing event.

The first part of the animation introduces what happened.

We worked with Mr. Hill’s crash reconstruction experts to accurately recreate exactly what happened in the moments the Plaintiff plowed into the truck and swung it into the Plaintiff, pinning him to the side of the other parked vehicle.

Part 2: Showing a Painful ‘Moment in Time’

Immediately after the collision, the camera zooms in on on the father as he’s pinned between the two vehicles to show what was happening inside his body moments after impact.

After showing the collision, the animation zooms in on the Plaintiff’s injuries the moment after impact.

The Moment in Time Animation freezes a three-dimensional snapshot of an incident and allows viewers to observe all the most important angles, details, injuries, and malfunctions of what was happening at that moment - without all the biomechanical data necessary to show what transpired over time.

Part 3: Cinematic Summary of Injuries

Finally, the Cinematic Summary of Injuries (CSI) breaks down each of the plaintiff’s injuries in realistic, three-dimensional detail using radiographic films to ground accuracy.

The CSI Animation summarizes the victim’s brutal injuries.

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