Case Studies

$5.95M Settlement Animating Violent Highway Rollover

Commercial truck drivers are required to log how many hours they spend sleeping and driving - but what happens when they lie?

The truck driver in this case falsified more than 30 reports over the course of a month so that he could complete overtime hours that he wasn't physically or legally capable of performing safely. As he reached the end of an 11-hour shift, he switched lanes into a passing vehicle and knocked it off the highway, where it rolled multiple times with two passengers inside. Jared Tauber, Esq., asked us to build a "shock and awe" presentation that would attack the trucker's indisputable liability and leave an unforgettably persuasive impact on the Defense.

This is not an isolated incident. Truckers driving over mandatory hours of service is a problem that permeates the entire trucking industry today, which is why we've developed a custom package designed to attack every pressure point in these types of cases. We delivered: 

  • ILIED (Individual Logging & Interactive Evaluation Display) is an interactive presentation that showed where and when the driver really was when he logged his hours - and when he lied.
  • Collision Animation recreated what happened from multiple angles using police reports, vehicle data, and evidence at the scene.
  • Digital Injury Summary showed the step-by-step cervical surgery the plaintiff needed as a result of her injuries.

The visual presentation convinced the Defense to settle for $5.95M.

“The owner of the trucking company and the insurance adjuster were both blown away when we played the animations for them in mediation. Furthermore, my client’s spine surgeon was speechless when we showed the reenactment of his surgery.”

Jared Tauber, ESQ - Tauber Law

Exhibit A: Charting Lies and Violations

By incorporating GPS data with written logs and writing a software script based on Interstate Trucking Hours of Service Rules, the ILIED presents an interactive timeline that charts violations leading up to an incident.

$5.95M Settlement Animating Violent Highway Rollover

Exhibit B: Animating the Collision

Animations demonstrate liability by showing that a collision was clearly and easily avoidable. We animated the crash from multiple angles - including the driver's perspective - to demonstrate the semi-truck driver's actions, and show why he was liable for the victim's damages.

$5.95M Settlement Animating Violent Highway Rollover

Exhibit C: Digital Injury Summary

Once we established liability, we helped Mr. Tauber emphasize the magnitude of his client's damages with a custom Digital Injury Summary. The interactive exhibit enabled Mr. Tauber to walk viewers through the complex cervical surgery his client needed as a result of her injuries.

$5.95M Settlement Animating Violent Highway Rollover

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