Case Studies

$4.5M Verdict Showing Failed Hip Implant

The first of more than 1,000 cases involving product liability in a hip implant was awarded a $4.5M verdict, after a piece of metal broke off of a patient’s device and resulted in multiple dislocations, severe infections, and numerous major surgeries.

Attorney Steve Vartazarian, ESQ., needed to visualizing his client's failed hip implant, the multiple surgeries required to address the issue, and the painful suffering that resulted from a severe infection.

We equipped Mr. Vartazarian with a Digital Injury Summary®, packaged with Color Diagnostics® to highlight his client’s x-ray films in recognizably illustrated color; and Surgery Animations to show how surgeons repaired a femoral fracture to the hardware, a dislocation from the joint, and a severe bacterial infection.

The result was a $4.5M verdict.

$4.5M Verdict Showing Failed Hip Implant

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