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3D Animated Injection of Flesh-Eating Infection

Mark D. Clore, Esq., Clore Law Group, LLC, Charleston, SC

When a patient visited his doctor for a routine steroid vaccination in his shoulder, he was injected with two microorganisms that ate away his muscles, blood vessels, and bone. Attorneys at the Clore Law Group needed to explain how medical providers were liable for the catastrophic damage to his now-disfigured shoulder by demonstrating the progressive journey of the flesh-eating infection - beginning inside the doctor’s contaminated syringe.

Liability was clear, but difficult to explain in words. Mark D. Clore, Esq., and Kent Lucaccioni, Esq., understood the importance of anchoring the theme of their case with powerful visuals their audience would remember when considering the totality of their client's suffering and damages. They tasked our team with visualizing what happened.

A flesh-eating bacteria sounds like something out of a horror movie. That’s why we decided to tell this story through a cinematic 3D animation that takes viewers inside the doctor’s syringe and blasts them into the plaintiff’s shoulder joint, where the growth of foreign bacteria gradually consumes the shoulder anatomy in graphic detail. 

The presentation left a powerful impact on the Defense, and the visual leverage showed that the Clore Law Group was confidently prepared to take its case to trial if necessary. The Defense decided they’d rather settle for a seven-figure amount (undisclosed) than let a jury anywhere near the following presentation.

For the many years I have worked with animators, illustrators and companies to bring my cases to life, I have never found one like High Impact which has the capability to transform vision to reality.  In the flesh-eating bacteria of the shoulder animation, I came to you with two simple ideas that I wanted: 1) a view from inside the syringe, to demonstrate the voyage of the bacteria, and 2) a close-up view as the bacteria spread across the humeral head to resemble the terraforming scenes from the Star Trek, Genesis, movie.  What I got from High Impact was as good as anything from Hollywood in my opinion.  When we combined the animations with the touchscreen features of your Maestro Presentation System, the result was taken to a new level.  Without question, the visual strategy on which we collaborated was highly instrumental in resolving the case.  High Impact is my one and only source for stunning visuals and breathtaking animations.
Mark D. Clore, Esq., Clore Law Group, LLC, Charleston, SC

Breaking Down the Animation

The animation opens with a 3D model of the plaintiff that rotates around to establish the different levels of his shoulder anatomy before its destruction. 


Original Animation (above) broken down into chapters (below).

As the syringe moves into frame, we maneuver the camera into the needle, using a visual noise displacement effect to create a realistic liquid environment.

The POV perspective blasts the viewer through the tunnel of the needle, and into the patient's shoulder, where Streptococcus Constellatus and Bacteroides Ureolyticus spill into the depths of the plaintiff's shoulder joint space.

Moments later, the spread of infection roars outward from the joint and covers the area in countless microorganisms. We added a camera rumble to emphasize the expansive speed at which this army of microorganisms dominates its host (See HD version at the top for sharper context).

The animation zooms out of its microscopic view to hold on an establishing shot of the bacterial invasion across blood vessels, muscles, and bone. 

After establishing the illustrated destruction, we pulled radiographic scans of his shoulder and highlighted damage with color.

Anchoring every chapter of this story with a strong visual helped Mr. Clore and Mr. Lucaccioni simplify complex details with compelling graphics, which enabled them to focus their arguments on the themes that mattered most to their case.

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