$29M Verdict 3D Mapping Neuropsychological Damage After Brain Injury

Olivier Taillieu, Esq., The Dominguez Firm, Los Angeles, CA

When a car struck a 19-year-old pedestrian in a crosswalk, attorneys at The Dominguez Firm needed to show how a traumatic brain injury would impact their client’s cognitive functionality for the rest of his life.

MRI’s, CT Scans, and neuropsychological evaluations clearly showed massive amounts of physical brain damage - but making jurors understand and sympathize with what these damages would actually mean for their client’s lifelong functional capabilities would require a 3D Brain Map.

3D Brain Maps are the most effective way to summarize neuropsychological damage. We built a 3D model of the plaintiff’s brain, and highlighted damaged areas with demonstrative bruising. We then animated the presentation to focus on the bruised areas, and summarized the specific cognitive defects the victim would endure as a result of each damaged region. Finally, we concluded with Color Diagnostic exhibits that highlight the physical injuries in the plaintiff’s MRI’s and CT Scans.

The animated exhibit helped jurors understand the magnitude of the plaintiff’s physical and cognitive injuries, and The Dominguez Firm secured a record-setting $29M verdict for the young victim who will need medical care and assistance for the rest of his life.

3D Mapping Brain Damage

3D Brain Maps Highlight How Damaged Regions Will Impact Cognitive Functionality

Olivier Taillieu, Esq., The Dominguez Firm, Los Angeles, CA
The High Impact visuals were key in making the MRI report come alive. It was also a seamless way to correlate all of the neurological deficits to specific parts of the brain in a way that the jury could easily understand. We used the full animation during opening, during our main medical witness direct examination, and parts of it in closing. The quality of the work made it impossible to look away.

Colorizing Brain Injuries

We concluded the 3D Brain Map exhibit with these Color Diagnostic exhibits that appear at the end of the animation. Black-and-white radiographic films can be difficult to comprehend, but highlighting damages with color familiarizes jurors with the bloody reality of internal brain injuries.

Olivier Taillieu, Esq., The Dominguez Firm - Los Angeles, CA
The enhanced MRI slides were key in facilitating our neurologist’s explanation of the injury, and how the injury affected our client’s personality changes and neurocognitive deficits.

The jury reached its $29M verdict after only one day of deliberation, setting a new downtown Los Angeles record for the highest award in a mild neurocognitive disorder case this year.

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