$35M Verdict Animating Former UCLA Lineman’s Numerous Amputation Surgeries

Garo Mardirossian, Esq., Mardirossian & Associates, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

A former lineman for UCLA lost his leg after a taxi cab collided with his motorcycle at a dangerous intersection. Because the intense level of damages heavily outweighed the cab driver’s insurance policy, Garo Mardirossian, Esq., needed to show why California’s Department of Transportation, Caltran, shared liability for his client’s damages.

Mr. Mardirossian argued that Caltran ignored several complaints about a dangerously elevated rise in the roadway that caused a line-of-sight obstruction at the intersection, which was also reportedly responsible for numerous other traffic accidents over the years. Caltran officials confirmed in trial that this was an oversight on their part, but they disputed liability for the Plaintiff’s damages. The highest amount Caltran would offer was $2.9M.

Mr. Mardirossian believed his client deserved much more compensation for his client’s pain and suffering, and he tasked High Impact with magnifying the most brutal chapters of his client’s traumatic experience as he underwent 13 surgeries that would gradually amputate his leg.

Garo Mardirossian, Esq., explains how animations helped him magnify the most brutal chapters of his client’s experience.

Garo Mardirossian, Esq., Mardirossian & Associates, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
The illustrations and animations were pivotal. It’s one thing to say, ‘13 surgeries,’ it’s another to show them with an expert on the stand that goes into great detail about what it is they had to do to save what he had of his leg. And you could just feel the jury's reaction.
Garo Mardirossian, Esq., Mardirossian & Associates, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

We built Mr. Mardirossian an interactive Digital Injury Summary equipped with illustrations, Color Diagnostics, and 13 surgery animations. The presentation helped jurors see why the former Division 1 athlete deserved a $35M verdict - 30 percent from the taxi driver, and 70 percent from Caltran.

This excerpt below from the Courtroom View Network shows how Mr. Mardirossian presented the surgery animations in his closing. You can also watch how the entire trial unfolded on the Courtroom View Network website, where it’s now featured in CVN’s online video archive of high-stakes civil trials.

Excerpt above from the Courtroom View Network

Illustrated Injury

The first two exhibits illustrate the brutal destruction of the former athlete’s leg, from his broken femur protruding through his thigh to the deformity of his lower leg that would need to be removed.

Our artists painted the disturbing aftermath alongside Color Diagnostics, emphasizing the traumatic suffering his client experienced with colorized X-ray scans jurors could recognize.

Illustrating the magnitude of a catastrophic injury in graphic detail helps clarify complex issues while anchoring your audience’s understanding of your client’s damages powerful visuals they will remember.

Animated Amputation

Thirteen surgery animations demonstrated the many procedures needed to amputate the plaintiff’s leg. Mr. Mardirossian used the animations in his opening, closing, and orthopedic surgeon’s testimony.

Nail Fixation of Left Femur Fracture

Garo Mardirossian, Esq., Mardirossian & Associates, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Your 13 animated surgeries were very powerful. I had the surgeon go through each one of those and demonstrate why they’re doing what they’re doing. And I can tell you that the jury was mesmerized by it, and realized how much suffering this young man experienced throughout surgery after surgery after surgery - including the last one, which was mainly an ulcer and a cyst that had to be removed. And he has to get that done every two years, and then he has a bone growth that has to be shaved off every 10 years. So all that was shown to the jury and testified to by an orthopedic surgeon.
Garo Mardirossian, Esq., Mardirossian & Associates, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Left Below the Knee Amputation

Demonstrating complex surgical procedures, such as this amputation, helps to simplify details in a way that has a meaningful impact on jurors.​

Formalization of Left Below the Knee Amputation

The animation series focuses on specific disturbing details meant to anchor a juror’s understanding of the total experience, from a power saw chopping through bone to the open wound being irrigated. Seeing everything involved in these unsettling procedures helps emphasize the level of suffering the plaintiff experienced.

Drainage of Left Hip Infection and Evacuation of Hematoma

To address the open wound where the femur punctured through the plaintiff’s skin, surgeons first drained the wound of infection and irrigated the area.

Irrigation and Debridement with Drain Placement - Delayed Primary Closure

A week later, surgeons irrigated the wound again, debrided it, and placed a drain to continue sucking infected tissue from inside the plaintiff’s hip.

Removal of Left Hip Hardware

After living four months with metal hardware installed into his femur, surgeons needed to remove a loose locking screw. The animation above captures the totality of the plaintiff’s experience. Instead of looking at this amputation as one event, jurors could see the many chapters that unfolded.

Exchange of Femoral Hardware and Insertion of Antibiotic Space

The next animation above shows how surgeons placed an antibiotic space within the femoral nonunion, and then removed and replaced the plaintiff’s hardware.

Repair of Left Femoral Nonunion Using Bone Graft From Right Femur

Almost a year after the wreck, surgeons needed to repair the persistent nonunion in the plaintiff’s femur. They used bone graft from his right femur, removed the antibiotic space, and replaced it with the bone graft.

Revision of Left Below the Knee Amputation

Surgeons revisited the plaintiff’s amputation in this animation, sawing off and removing spiked bone overgrowth from the swollen stub.

Repair of Left Femoral Nonunion with Hardware Exchange

As the plaintiff’s femoral nonunion persisted, surgeons removed loose bone and soft tissue from the area, reduced the fracture, and replaced bone graft at the break.

Placement of Proximal Locking Screw

The animation above demonstrates how surgeons replaced a new proximal screw in the top of the femur to secure the hardware in place.

Removal of Retrograde Femoral Nail - Insertion of Anterograde Femoral Nail and Derotational Osteotomy

Almost two years after the wreck, surgeons removed the retrograde femoral nail, rotated the femur 30 degrees, and placed a new anterograde femoral nail. Animation helps emphasize what all that entails.

Surgical Excision of Left Leg Skin Eruption

Finally, this last animation above shows how surgeons removed an ulcer and a cyst from his leg - a procedure the plaintiff will have to undergo every two years for the rest of his life.

Watch the entire trial unfold on the Courtroom View Network, where it’s now featured in CVN’s online video archive of high-stakes civil trials.

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