$3.64M Verdict Illustrating Spine Injuries After Vehicle Hits Man Changing Tire

Sevy Fisher, Esq., and Greyson M. Goody, Esq., The Simon Law Group, Los Angeles, CA

After a man pulled over to the side of the road to change a flat tire, a vehicle collided with the back of his RV, resulting in catastrophic damage to his spine, jaw, and wrist. His injuries would require multiple surgeries that included spinal fusions, a tooth extraction, and a bilateral carpal tunnel release.

The defendant disputed liability, claiming that the unforeseen flat tire was the cause of the collision. He tried to argue that the plaintiff should have instead pulled over at the next rest stop.

Attorneys at The Simon Law Group needed a visual presentation that would help jurors see and understand the painful magnitude of damages and medical costs their client would endure for life, as a direct result of the defendant’s negligence.

We were tasked with equipping the plaintiff’s legal team with an arsenal of visuals that would achieve the following visual objectives:

  • Highlight injuries throughout the cervical and lumbar areas of the patient’s spine.
  • Demonstrate the complex surgical fusion the patient would need on his cervical spine.
  • Show the two proposed spine surgeries the patient would still need as a result of the collision.
  • Illustrate the patient’s painful dental damage and the surgery he would need on his jaw.
  • Conclude the presentation with the carpal tunnel release the patient would need on his wrist.

The visual presentation helped jurors understand the massive pain and suffering the plaintiff endured, and they awarded him a $3.64M verdict with zero liability on behalf of the plaintiff.

Sevy Fisher, Esq., The Simon Law Group
Most people nowadays want to learn visually. It is difficult to tell a story without a visual to explain it. People in our technological modern world want instant information. High Impact is perfect for that objective. We use their illustrations on all of our trials – and more often than not, they have resulted in large verdicts.

Exhibits A and B: Highlighting Spine Injuries

The first two exhibits establish the plaintiff’s primary injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine. The first exhibit highlights the many protrusions throughout the cervical spine and the post-op condition after he underwent a fusion.

Colorized MRI and X-ray of the Cervical Spine

The second exhibit highlights broad disc protrusions throughout the lumbar spine in relation to spinal nerves. Adding color to otherwise black-and-white radiography adds powerful context while focusing attention on the points that matter most to your client’s damages.

Colorized MRI of the Lumbar Spine

Sevy Fisher, Esq., The Simon Law Group
Working with High Impact is extremely easy and stress free. Oftentimes it can be difficult to manage an outside party and fine tune what they are doing so that it meets the expectations of the case and client’s injuries, but High Impact makes our lives easier.

Exhibit C: Demonstrating the Cervical Spine Fusion

The next exhibit illustrates the step-by-step fusion surgery on the patient’s cervical spine. Illustrated medical exhibits not only simplify complex procedures; they visually emphasize the painful experience the victim endured.

Illustrated Cervical Spine Fusion

Sevy Fisher, Esq., The Simon Law Group
Showing a jury the spine, the many different instruments, and the very difficult surgery procedures that one has to go through, had a huge impact on the verdict. Showing a jury what a human being has to endure with illustrations helps to explain the pain and suffering they have had, and will have.

Exhibit D and E: Showing Future Spine Surgeries

The next two illustrations break down the proposed cervical and lumbar spine fusions the plaintiff would still need in the future. Seeing the complexity involved in these procedures helped jurors understand the long road ahead for the victim’s recovery.

Illustrated Future Cervical Spine Fusion

Both fusion surgeries would require laminectomies, discectomies, and the placement of cages, rods, and screws. Words don’t do nearly the amount of justice as these detailed illustrations, which helped attorneys walk jurors through every step of the procedures.

Illustrated Future Lumbar Spine Fusion

Greyson M. Goody, Esq., The Simon Law Group
High Impact is amazing. We routinely get brought into cases where trial is in close (or direct) proximity. No matter the timing, High Impact gets first-class visuals done quickly and efficiently.

Exhibit F: Illustrating Dental Damage

The next exhibit illustrates a vertical crack in the victim’s tooth that extended into a root canal. The tooth needed to be extracted, the socket needed to be packed with bone graft material, and the gum tissue needed to be sutured. The illustration below showed the jury what that process looked like.

Sevy Fisher, Esq., The Simon Law Group
High Impact's artists make perfect illustrations, and I cannot remember a time where they have had to edit them because they are incorrect. It is completely hands off from our perspective, which is what we need in the already stressful environment leading up to trial.

Exhibit G: Concluding with the Carpal Tunnel Release

The final exhibit illustrates the bilateral carpal tunnel release surgery required to reduce pressure on the victim’s main nerve in the wrist. This illustrated story called attention to the invasive procedure the victim endured while making it easy for jurors to comprehend.

Greyson M. Goody, Esq., The Simon Law Group
You can only do so much without visuals. Sure, you can show the jury your client has a scar and it hurts. But it is much more effective showing them what is going on inside an injured person’s body. Your experts will get a kick out of the illustrations, and they always help the jury understand what is really going on (and pump up damages). We use High Impact on every trial.

High Impact’s team of visual strategists, artists and developers can build and customize your digital presentation for any case involving personal injury, medical malpractice, birth trauma - or any subject involving complex information.

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