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$3.5M Settlement: CSI Exhibit Captures 3D Volumated Fractures After 20-ft Fall

David Yarborough, Esq., Sean Claggett, Esq., and Steve Goldberg, Esq., Yarborough Applegate Law Firm, LLC, Charleston, SC

When damages are catastrophic and numerous, the Cinematic Summary of Injuries (CSI) is the most effective way to capture the totality of your client's injuries in one compelling journey.

This CSI used highly accurate 3D Volumations, a capability pioneered by High Impact in which we create a near-exact 3D replica of your client’s injury with the most realistic detail imaginable. We ensure the accuracy of these exhibits by taking hundreds of layers of radiographic films capturing snapshots of the injury at different depths. We stack these snapshots on top of one another, and export them into an almost perfect 3D digital representation. We then clean up the digital image, paint on detailed realism, and rotate the 3D replication in an animation to show your audience every angle of your client’s damages.

$3.5M Settlement: CSI Exhibit Captures 3D Volumated Fractures After 20-ft Fall

Before and After We Added Realistic Texture to a 3D Volumated Femur Fracture

After a worker fell 20 feet due to a defective railing design, his attorneys needed to summarize their client's catastrophic injuries and complex surgeries. David Yarborough, Esq., Sean Claggett, Esq., and Steve Goldberg, Esq., asked our team to 3D volumate seven brutal fractures throughout their client's body, which included:

  • L5 transverse fracture
  • L2 vertebral body fracture
  • Right sacral fracture
  • Right intertrochanteric femur fracture
  • Right inferior pubic ramus fracture
  • Left intra-articular comminuted calcaneal fracture
  • Right intra-articular comminuted calcaneal fracture

The following visual presentation helped them convince the Defense to settle in mediation for $3.5M.

The High Impact 3D Volumations demonstrated the complexity and multitude of our client’s orthopedic injuries and clearly increased the value of the non-economic damages in this case. Defense counsel remarked that the animation was the best they had ever seen.

David Yarborough, Esq., Yarborough Applegate Law Firm, LLC, Charleston, SC

3D Volumated Fractures

The first animation summarizes the plaintiff's long list of fractures throughout his body. 3D volumation enables us to create replications of these injuries with unprecedented realism.


3D Animated Injury Summary

We ensure the accuracy of our work by first collecting hundreds of radiographic films that capture the injury at hundreds of different depths. The animation below is a sequence of CT scanned snapshots at different levels of the pelvis.

Stacking these snapshots on top of one another enabled us to build an almost perfect 3D rendering of the pelvis fracture. Below you can see what this data looks like when exported as a model.

What sets our work apart from the competition is not just our ability to reconstruct these fractures with near-perfect accuracy, but to bring them to life with unmatched realism and stunning detail. The animation below shows how much work went into cleaning up and texturizing the model to look as realistic as possible.

Once we built these impeccably realistic three-dimensional objects, we animated them into a visual masterpiece that took viewers on a compelling journey through the plaintiff's painful damages.

Surgery Animations

After 3D volumating the injuries for the animation above, we were able to take those graphics and reapply them in the 2D animation below. 


2D animated surgical procedures using 3D assets

The animations helped anchor Mr. Yarborough's case with a powerful visual demonstration of his client's surgical experience and served as the catalyst for the Defense's decision to settle for $3.5M.

High Impact’s team of visual strategists, artists and developers can build and customize your digital presentation for any case involving personal injury, medical malpractice, birth trauma - or any subject involving complex information.

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