3 Successful Steps to Admitting Your Exhibit into Evidence

Presenting a well thought out demonstrative has the power to compel a jury to see angles of your case words can’t illustrate. But laying the foundation for getting your exhibit admitted into evidence is a major part of the battle lawyers often overlook.

Taking the steps to properly lay the foundation for your exhibit will ensure you and your visual team are on the same page in illustrating the most important evidence, communicating the core themes of your argument, and complying with all the requirements necessary to prove your exhibit is bulletproof.

High Impact prides itself on a 100 percent admittance rate for successfully admitting exhibits into evidence. When we lay the foundation to build a new demonstrative, we break it down into these three simple steps.

1) Collaborate early with your exhibit team.

Meeting with your exhibit team early enables both you and your team to foresee all the requirements needed to recreate an accurate presentation that includes all the facts, statistics and evidence to strengthen your case. It also allows time time to organize all the technical assets required to produce the most powerful presentation possible.

2) Establish clear understanding with your exhibit team about the themes of your case.

The evidence doesn’t speak for itself as persuasively as the larger story the evidence collectively communicates. So making sure your team has a clear understanding of the larger themes you’ll be communicating to a jury will ensure the production process connects the objective evidence with the more compelling themes of your case - resulting in a clear, cohesive message that connects with the jury.

3) Adhere to a proofing process that allows expert witnesses to provide feedback for revisions in a timely manner.

The final step to ensuring your exhibit will be admitted into evidence is to have your key expert participate in the proofing process to ensure he/she agrees that what has been created represents an accurate account of what happened. Adhering to a proofing protocol that incorporates his or her feedback as early as possible will minimize the amount of revisions and ensure your exhibit is finished both timely and most importantly, accurately - with a feeling of confidence that it will overcome any objection from the opposition.

Once you have an expert-approved trial exhibit that communicates the clear themes of your case while incorporating all the important evidence, you will be ready to have it admitted into evidence with peace of mind.

High Impact’s team of visual strategists, artists and developers can build and customize your digital presentation for any case involving personal injury, medical malpractice, birth trauma - or any subject involving complex information.

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