$2M Verdict Illustrating Shoulder, Spine, Rib and Pelvis Fractures After Drunk Driving Collision

Jason W. Jordan and Michael S. Douglass-Harris, Jordan Law, Denver, CO

A young girl was rushed to the emergency room with severe injuries throughout her entire body after a drunk driver t-boned her vehicle.

The victim suffered a clavicle fracture, an anterolisthesis to her upper spine, a left posterior 11th rib fracture, and complex pelvic sacral fractures involving pubic symphysis. Her left hip would require a labral repair and femoral osteoplasty, and her broken clavicle would require an open reduction and internal fixation.

Jason W. Jordan, Esq., and Michael S. Douglass-Harris, needed to summarize their client’s long list of injuries and demonstrate their client’s surgical recovery in a way jurors could clearly understand. They tasked High Impact with creating three illustrations that would achieve the following visual objectives.

  • Capture the Plaintiff’s numerous injuries in one, cohesive visual.
  • Show the Plaintiff’s labral repair and femoral osteoplasty.
  • Demonstrate how the clavicle was reduced and fixated.

The following presentation helped jurors understand why their client deserved a $2M verdict for her pain, suffering, and ongoing recovery.

Exhibit A: Illustrated Injury Summary

The first exhibit captures all the injuries suffered by the Plaintiff. A photorealistic depiction of the victim is featured at the center with all her injuries labeled. Radiographic films flank the illustration to the left and right, grounding the visual with hard evidence.

Capturing the Numerous Injuries

The Illustrated Injury Summary helped lay the foundation for the Plaintiff’s damages, and provided prerequisite knowledge for later discussions about her surgical recovery.

Exhibit B: Illustrated Hip Surgery

Once we had established the injuries, the next exhibit walked jurors through the process of repairing the patient’s left hip.

Showing the Hip Repair

The first snapshot depicts the pre-op anatomy with a labral tear and CAM lesion. The next three images show the debridement of the labral, the placement of suture anchors, and the completed femoral osteoplasty - anchoring the audience’s understanding of this surgical experience.

Exhibit C: Illustrated ORIF of Clavicle

The last exhibit breaks down the open reduction and internal fixation of the patient’s clavicle with a post-op Color Diagnostic establishing the surgery’s conclusion.

Demonstrating the Clavicle ORIF

Similar to the previous illustration, we first introduce the viewer to the pre-op anatomy, and then show how the fracture was reduced and secured with plates and screws. The final colorized X-ray grounds the presentation with hard evidence.

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