How We Helped Attain $109M in 5 Cases

High Impact has helped attorneys secure countless verdicts and settlements for the victims of catastrophic injuries and medical malpractice. We’ve worked on everything from asbestos inhalation to accident reconstructions to diseases of all types. Below are five recent cases that helped attain a cumulative $109,000,000 for our clients.

$32.8M Verdict Exposes Defective Respirator Mask

When a machinist was diagnosed with mesothelioma, attorneys Joe Satterley and Denyse Clancy needed to show how design defects in a respirator mask used decades ago exposed their client and others to high concentrations of asbestos. Animation is the best way to answer the question “How,” and we created this arsenal of exhibits to show exactly how the manufacturer was responsible for a faulty product that endangered the victim - and many others.

The result was a $32.8M verdict. Read the entire case study.

Tanker T-Bones Truck Off Road in $20M Settlement

After a tanker truck carrying hazardous chemicals switched lanes in a No Passing Zone and smashed a pickup truck off the highway, attorneys at Clifford Law Offices needed exhibits to illustrate the victim’s numerous injuries, and an animated accident reconstruction to show the driver’s indisputable liability.

The case was settled in mediation for $20 million. Read the entire case study.

$17.4M Verdict Showing Facial Bone Disease

After a 35-ton freight truck crashed into a row of stopped cars in traffic, a 24-year-old driver suffered severe facial fractures, brain trauma, and a degenerative disease in his jaw that left him with the inability to chew food for the rest of his life. The trucking company admitted liability, but denied the victim’s claims of injury and long-term suffering - offering only $400K at mediation. Attorneys at Panish Shea & Boyle called High Impact to help illustrate the full extent of their client’s damages for a jury to decide.

We prepared the following 11 exhibits, which resulted in a $17.4M verdict. Read the entire case study.

$16M Verdict: Pulmonary Embolism Misdiagnosis

When a pulmonary embolism was misdiagnosed as pneumonia, attorneys Searcy Law needed to show why medical providers were liable for their client’s stroke, brain damage, and bilateral blindness.

We prepared their team with this arsenal of exhibits to help convey every strategic angle to their case, and the result was a $16M verdict. Read the entire case study.

$23M Verdict Animating Misdiagnosed Preeclampsia

When a baby was born with cerebral palsy, attorneys at Ratzan Law Group needed to show the preeclampsia red flags that medical providers should have noticed days earlier in a pregnancy, and would have allowed the mother to be admitted to a high-level care facility that could have prevented permanent brain damage.

The result was a $4.3M Settlement. Read the entire case study.

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