$1.13M Verdict Animating Cervical Spine Surgeries

Olivier Taillieu, Esq., The Dominguez Firm, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Olivier Taillieu, Esq., returned a $1.13M verdict to a middle-aged man who suffered a severe neck injury after being struck by a semi-truck.

The Plaintiff’s injury would require a C5-7 anterior cervical discectomy and artificial disc replacement, and Mr. Taillieu needed to show jurors what those procedures entailed. He tasked High Impact with animating his client’s surgical experience.

Spine injuries are among our most common cases. While it may be difficult to comprehend the vicious pain suffered by this underlying injury, animation proves effective at helping jurors not only see how the spine was damaged but also understand the totality of a victim’s experience as they’re cut open in surgery and have part of their spine surgically replaced.

C5-7 Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Artificial Disc Replacement

Olivier Taillieu, Esq., The Dominguez Firm, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
One of the things that I really appreciate about High Impact is the team of people that they have working behind the scenes. It's not just illustrators, but it's people that understand the medical terminology. It's people who understand anatomy and how things actually work. People who understand post-op reports and can take those post-op reports and actually make graphics that are perfect. And when you show them to the doctors themselves, they're surprised at the quality of the work based on the representations in the graphics.
Olivier Taillieu, Esq., The Dominguez Firm, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

The verdict marked the third major award Mr. Taillieu has won in recent months working with High Impact. He also recently obtained this $29M verdict using our 3D Brain Map to convey his client’s neuropsychological damage after suffering a severe brain injury, and he won this $2.5M verdict using our custom Digital Injury Summary to show how his client’s knee was crushed and surgically replaced.

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