Case Studies

‘Shock and Awe’ Animation Attains $5.95M Settlement

When a truck smashed a car off the highway, our friends at Tauber Law Offices asked us to build a "shock and awe" type presentation that would show the indisputable liability of the truck driver.

We used real-world data to recreate the motor vehicle accident with precise virtual accuracy to capture the incident from multiple angles. We also built a custom Digital Injury Summary equipped with animated spinal surgery a exhibits to show the full extent of the victim's suffering and recovery, as holes and hardware are drilled into her skeleton.

The folllowing exhibits helped convince the defense to settle for $5.95M.

“The owner of the trucking company and the insurance adjuster were both blown away when we played the animations for them in mediation. Furthermore, my client’s spine surgeon was speechless when we showed the reenactment of his surgery.”

- Jared Tauber, ESQ - Tauber Law -

Exhibit A: Animating the Collision

We animated the accident from multiple angles - including the driver's perspective - to demonstrate the semi-truck driver's actions, and show why he was liable for the victim's damages.

‘Shock and Awe’ Animation Attains $5.95M Settlement

Exhibit B: Digital Injury Summary

Once we established liability, we helped Mr. Tauber drive home the extent of damages with a custom Digital Injury Summary. The interactive exhibit enabled Mr. Tauber walk the viewer through each step of the surgery using animation to help the audience understand the victim's suffering.

‘Shock and Awe’ Animation Attains $5.95M Settlement

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