Case Studies

$46M Verdict Illustrating Full-Body Destruction

When a driver hit a man on the side of the road, attorneys at Robinson Calcagnie, Inc., needed to illustrate the intense depth of catastrophic injuries that left their client with an amputated leg, a ruptured spleen, and severe fractures in the legs, arms, and ribs.

Digital Injury Summaries (D.I.S.®) are the best way to summarize a client’s injuries when they're too numerous or complex to show on traditional board exhibits, because they incorporate all the visual components of your case into a single, easy-to-use digital interface that brings your presentation to life. We built this DIS, and equiped it with illustrations, Color Diagnostics, and animations to help Robinson Calcagnie, Inc., show the true depth of destruction.

The result was a $46M jury award for the victim.

Illustrating Injuries

$46M Verdict Illustrating Full-Body Destruction

The first part of this Digital Injury Summary® breaks down the long list of catastrophic injuries suffered by the victim. We created the medical illustrations, and featured them alongside a full-body depiction of the victim for context. The interactive presentation enabled attorneys to easily click through injuries as they explained damages in a way jurors could see and understand.

The high impact demonstrative definitely had an impact, no pun intended.  I look forward to working with you in the future.
 Henry Pan, Robinson Calcagnie, Inc.

Highlighting Damages

$46M Verdict Illustrating Full-Body Destruction

We then took the victim's radiographic films, and colorized the areas of damages, to provide context and familiarize jurors with what these black-and-white images actually mean. Color Diagnostics make X-Rays, MRI's, and CAT Scans more recognizable for jurors.

We used your Digital Injury Summary during the testimony of Dr. Doug Smith who did an incredible job explaining each of the slides.

Mark Robinson, ESQ. - Robinson Calcagnie, Inc. - Newport Beach, CA

Animating Surgeries

$46M Verdict Illustrating Full-Body Destruction

Once we anchored the case with powerful visuals that drove home the true depth of damage, we built these animations to help explain the multiple surgeries needed to address these injuries. Complex surgeries can be difficult to explain, but animation is the best way to visually explain "how" a complicated procedure takes place - while emphasizing realism.

Your High Impact Digital Injury Summary was great.

Scot Wilson - Robinson Calcagnie, Inc. - Newport Beach, CA

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